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Privacy Policy 

The Hashomer Hatzair movement believes in maintaining the privacy of all parties in contact with it.

The purpose of this policy is to provide an explanation of how information is collected about surfers on the site

Your browsing of this site means that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If not, please stop browsing and any other use of the sites immediately.



This policy applies to all access to the sites for the purpose of viewing, browsing, uploading content and any other use by all of you and in any means of use. As stated, in any case where you continue to use or browse the sites, you will be deemed to have voluntarily agreed to this policy in all its parts, to preserve the information detailed in this policy and for any other use that is also specified in the policy.

It is our duty to inform you that you have no legal obligation to agree to the delivery, collection, production or any other use of the information.

As long as there are issues in this policy that are not clear enough to you, we would be happy if you contact the official email indicated on the website.



Security and information protection

The Hashomer Hatzair movement makes every effort to implement the relevant legal provisions regarding information security and protection of privacy. As part of these efforts, we have established work procedures and we perform ongoing inspections.

At the same time, these systems may not provide complete and complete protection, and it is possible that unauthorized persons will be able to penetrate the traffic systems and cause damage or disruptions. It is hereby clarified that the traffic will not be liable for any damage caused to you due to unauthorized use, intrusion or leakage / theft of information from the traffic databases or sites.

As is well known, surfing the Internet may expose the surfers to the risks arising from the surfing itself, including: damages, spyware, various viruses and more. Therefore, it is important that you take care of the security and protection measures provided by the means from which you surf and verify their up-to-dateness before any connection to the Internet.


What information may we collect and what will we do with it?

Information that we will ask you to enter

At some of the sites, you will be asked to enter details, as part of the registration procedure for a year of activity, for one or another enterprise of the movement and / or for other needs related to the activity of the movement.

The use of the information provided is:

  1. Personal details - name, ID number, means of communication, parents' details, residential address - these details will be used by the movement for your registration for activities, receiving assistance from local and state authorities (depending on geographical location), sending information about movement activities, and means of communication with parents Participants if necessary.

  2. Details of means of payment - At some sites we will request the details of the means of payment (credit card or other means). The use of these details will be made solely for the purpose of the activity to which you have requested to register. This information will not be stored in the traffic databases.

The information identified about you will be collected, produced and stored in our databases.

We keep the information about you for the purpose of improving the activity, tightening the connection between the traffic and its partners on the road and in order to allow you more convenient use of the sites.


Transfer of information to third parties:

The movement may pass on information provided to it to third parties, for the following purposes:

  • Transfer of information to local authorities and / or government ministries for the purpose of obtaining budgets. The movement will strive, as far as possible, to accept the commitment of these parties to maintain confidentiality as well as to transmit non-personal information.

  • Transfer of information that the movement is required to transfer to a third party by law.

  • Transfer of information for the purpose of various providers to whom the movement is required to transfer information, as needed (medical service providers, accommodation facilities, etc.) or to volunteers in the movement who assist in its activities.


Direct mail

The Hashomer Hatzair movement may send you, from time to time, information about various activities, regular updates, newsletters and the like. This mailing may be sent by e-mail, text messages in various widgets and any other means of communication. This information will be sent to you as long as you have expressed your consent by marking on the site.

If you are not interested in receiving this information, please contact the official email that appears on the website to remove your information from the mailing list.

We will remove your details from the mailing list, depending on your request.


Duration of information retention

The movement will keep the information stored about you during the entire period of your activity at Shomer Hatzair, and also after it, in order to maintain contact with the movement's graduates. In addition, the information will be kept for the period required to protect and safeguard our legal rights, as well as for the purpose of complying with regulatory requirements, preventing fraud or deception, enforcing this privacy policy and the terms of use of the sites.


Your rights in the information:

The law gives you the following rights:

  1. The right to review the information - You are entitled to review the information collected about you, which is stored in our databases, and which is identified and associated with you. It is not possible to review information that is not identified and associated with you.

  2. The right to correct information - If you find that the information stored about you is incorrect, complete, clear or updated, you can contact us, with a detailed request for correction or deletion of the information. To exercise these rights, you can contact us, using the contact information appearing on the site.

  3. The right to revoke consent - you are entitled, at any time, to revoke your consent to receive mailings, by contacting us as specified above.

  4. Additional rights in connection with information - you may be entitled to additional rights, in connection with information about you: rights to delete information, to limit and stop processing information, to transfer information to other bodies. For inquiries about these issues, or other issues related to this Privacy Policy, you may contact us using the contact information provided at the beginning of this document. We will review your application, and respond to you accordingly.


Changes to Privacy Policy

The Hashomer Hatzair movement reserves the right to update its privacy policy from time to time. This version is the latest. The date of the last update of the policy is recorded in the policy title. It is important to review the current policy of the movement in order to recognize and act accordingly.

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