Die 10 Dibrot

(überarbeitete Version von 2008)


1. Der Schomer ist ein Mensch der Wahrheit und steht auf ihrer Wacht


2. Der Schomer ist ein integraler Teil des jüdischen Volkes und mit dem Staate Israel eng verbunden. Er/Sie ist seiner/ihrer Kultur verwurzelt und ein Chalutz unseres Judentums.


3. Der Schomer findet Bedeutung in seiner/ihrer Beziehung zu Arbeit und kämpft für eine Welt, in der Arbeit eine produktive Ausdrucksform menschlicher Kreativität und Freiheit ist.


4. Der Shomer ist politisch aktiv und ein Vorkämpfer im Streben nach Freiheit, Gleichberechtigung, Frieden und Solidarität.


5. Der Schomer ist ein treuer und pflichtbewusster Chaver, der mit anderen zusammenarbeitet, für den Fortschritt der Gesellschaft kämpft und die schomrischen Werte vertritt.


6. Der Schomer entwickelt aktiv und pflegt Beziehungen, welch bewusst, frei und ehrlich sind, sowohl innerhalb der Kwutza, als auch in der gesamten schomrischen Gemeinschaft. Er/Sie übernimmt die Verantwortung für seine/ihre Chaverim Sorge zu tragen.


7. Der Schomer respektiert die Natur, sie ist ihm/ihr wichtig; er lernt sie kennen, lernt in ihr zu leben und handelt nachhaltig.


8. Der Schomer ist mutig, unabhängig, denkt kritisch und handelt dementsprechend.


9. Der Schomer stärkt seinen/ihren Charakter und strebt zu körperlicher, mentaler und spiritueller Ganzheit.


10. Der Schomer ist von seiner/ihrer Vernunft geleitet und übernimmt volle Verantwortung für sein/ihr Handeln. Er/Sie setzt Dugma Ischit.

Educational Rational 2011

The Educational goals of Hashomer Hatzair world movement

Die Drei Säulen





weiter unten findet Ihr die shomrischen Definitionen der 3 Säulen von der Veida Cholit 2008.


(bedeutet Verwirklichung)


Zur Gründungszeit der Bewegung (1913) bis vor nicht allzulanger Zeit war das Ziel die Alija, die Auswanderung nach Israel. Die Jugendlichen des Shomers bereiteten sich darauf vor das damalige Palästina zu unterstützen und später beim Aufbau Israels mitzuwirken.


Neui Definition vo de Veida 2017 chunt bald


Nach dem Shomer (meist nach dem Schulabschluss) gibt es für alle Shomrim die Möglichkeit Shnat Hachshara zu machen und ein Jahr mit Shomrim aus der ganzen Welt in Israel zu verbringen.

Activism and
Youth Autonomy

Aktivismus und Jugendautonomie bilden einen wichtigen Bestandteil unserer Ideologie.

Die Veida 2013 in Givat Chaviva hat sich mit genau diesen Themen beschäftigt.

Hashomer Hatzair 2008 Ideology (Veida Cholit)


Hashomer Hatzair is based on three fundamental pillars: Zionism, Socialism and Judaism. The concept of Hagshama requires us to realize our ideology and should look to include all elements of these firmly held beliefs because it is the unique combination of these that makes us who we are. Essential to our beliefs is that we engage in a continuous process of re-examination that responds to changing context and environment.Hashomer Hatzair, as a Tzofiut-based (Scouting) movement, believes that integral to being a Shomer/et is acting responsibly towards the environment. As a Chalutzic (pioneering) movement, we encourage the realization of our ideology to be groundbreaking and revolutionary in nature



Hashomer Hatzair’s Zionism stems from the belief that all peoples deserve a right to self-determination, and that Israel is the expression of Jewish self-determination. The Jewish homeland should be a safe haven for all Jews and the centre where Jewish culture and identity can flourish.Our vision is to create and maintain a self-critical balance between a socialist, Jewish society and a pluralistic, democratic and secular state that ensures social justice for all.Our Zionism consists of a mutual relationship between Israel and the Diaspora, including dialogue and criticism.As a Zionist movement we believe that we have an important responsibility to contribute to Aliyah by educating our chanichim to make a conscious and personal choice about it.



Hashomer Hatzair educates its chanichim to have a base of knowledge in order to understand Israel today, its heritage and the relevance of their connection to it. Programs need to include dialogue that is done under a pluralist and critical viewpoint.We encourage long-term stays and programs in Israel that are relevant to the movement’s ideology. We educate our chanichim to think about Aliyah and help them on the path towards making an intentional and personal choice for their future.The Shomer/et needs to actively express his/her opinion in matters related to Israel.



Hashomer Hatzair’s socialism rests on the belief that humans are free, creative beings who deserve to live in a society that empowers them to develop themselves to their fullest potential. We take as central values social, economic, and political equality and justice.We believe that capitalism and other oppressive forces create fundamentally unequal, exploitative, and alienating modes of production that themselves create poverty, war, ignorance, ecological destruction, lack of freedom, and prevent people from realizing their full potentials. We see socialism as not only an alternative to this type of society, but an entirely new and revolutionary one that can stand on its own.We envision a world of small, cooperative communities made up of individuals and groups who practice intentional, free, egalitarian, and intimate relationships. We believe that these communities must have a balance between the individual and the collective – that the collective is actually a force that will free the individual.We believe in a society where the people as a whole possess the ability to control their lives, work freely and creatively, and to participate in an equal and democratic society. We see socialism as a tool and a way of life that allows people to live truly human lives.



Hashomer Hatzair educates towards unselfishness and being responsible, critical and active social beings. We teach chanichim to live according to the values of humanistic socialism, both within the movement and outside of it, furthering the equitable treatment of people.We require of ourselves to be critical of society, not fearing to be against the mainstream and therefore standing behind our opinions.We must be socially responsible in all facets. In order to achieve this we put an emphasis on education about other cultures, the role of consumption and over-consumption, as well as the functioning of global and national politics.To these ends, we use tools such as political community action (Avoda Kehilatit), education through experience, group work, symbols (such as chultza and kupa), organization into kvutzot and the treatment of the chanichim.



Hashomer Hatzair’s Judaism is a stream of Judaism and is based on the Jewish culture and our humanistic approach. We place the individual in the centre of our Jewish worldview. Our morals derive primarily from our sense of responsibility and respect to humankind. We believe in and practice a form of active Judaism that encourages everyone to give personal meaning to their Judaism within the Shomeric community.Our Judaism draws upon the vibrant culture, tradition, history and legacy of the Jewish people and connects us to our heritage. We view Jewish sources as inspiration and open for critical interpretation.Our approach stems from a thorough understanding of Judaism and the developmentof a contemporary, meaningful way of expressing our Judaism.



We provide our chanichim with an opportunity to find their own access and approach towards Judaism and strive to shape confident individuals who find their place in Judaism and feel connected to their cultural heritage.Hashomer Hatzair members extend knowledge in Jewish heritage, classical and modern Jewish literature and teach about Jewish history, culture and traditions. The Shomeric activities fit the Jewish cycle of life including traditions.Hashomer Hatzair members will constantly review and, if needed, renew the Jewish traditions according to the current philosophy of the chaverim.Our Judaism is open to every person that identifies with its ideals and is willing to take part in it. Every behaviour that does not follow the principles of our Judaism can be kept at the condition that it does not contradict the organization and progressing of activities.



Hashomer Hatzair sees many ways of self-realization. We believe that it is Hagshama that gives meaning to our ideology and brings us to the realization of our pillars and dibrot and stresses the importance of putting it into practice.Hagshama is a concept which often blurs the distinction between tools and goals. We accept that we have much work to do in defining our conceptual definition of this term and that this process must continue.This document is a list of examples of Hagshama. It is not complete, however, its purpose is to give guidelines, to be a source of inspiration and to provide tools.Aliyah that affects positive change in all of Israeli society (individually or kvutzati)Aliyah to work in the Shomeric community and strengthen the Tnua Olamit directly or indirectlyBe a Zionist activist in the diaspora through organizationsBe a Zionist activist in the diaspora by supporting social initiativesProductive life in a Jewish community that is open to everyonePreserving and passing on the Jewish culture and tradition by education, practice and continuous learningBuilding supplementary Shomeric Jewish schoolsTo carry out Shomeric services, to write liturgy and run secular ShiurimTo be a Chalutz of the development of Judaism, creating cultural and intellectual centres inside all communities.To follow a Jewish lifecycle in a distinctly Shomeric lifestyleIntentionally exploring alternative ways of life and living togetherLeading a life of political activism for freedom of othersVariety of social justice projects within the movement and with othersRe-ordering of society and its ideals beginning with critical education and activism on the grass roots levelPromote human intimacy that helps to create an environment for hagshama ishitCollectivist structures of socially conscious individuals like kvutzot, communa, urban kibbutz, kibbutz and the re-interpretation of classical kibbutz structureEducate and act towards living according to our ideologyCreate and live in alternative communities, kibbutz, communa, etc.Common economic system (shituf kalkali)Activism within the diaspora communities: affecting society (community and worldwide)Kehilat Bogrim : Create a worldwide networkBuilding / leading / working on alternative, Jewish communities; providing alternatives, creating our own religious practices.Working for / strengthening the youth movementLiving in a way in which you intentionally seek new experiences, personal growth and improvement, and a more authentic life by challenging yourself to face hard questions about your own life and trying to answer them as well as striving for a synthesis between Tikun Adam and Tikun Olam